Log into your AWS EC2 instance as your own user

Once you have created and stood up your EC2 instance on AWS you will want to create your own user. By default you have to use the “ec2-user” user and you are not allowed to log in as root*. So you create your own…

sudo useradd -m -G wheel seth
passwd seth

Once you have done this and you have setup your keys correctly (Separate post) you will want to log in as your new user you created…but you cant. Until you do this…

cp -r /root/.ssh /home/user
chown -R user /home/user/.ssh

This allowed me to use the keypair.pem file to log in.

Now what you must do is turn on the ability to SSH in with a password. This option is turned off by default in all Linux AMIs.

vi, nano, pico, etc. into the following file with root privileges:

sudo vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config

Set the following to YES

PasswordAuthentication = yes

Finally you must restart SSH

sudo service sshd restart

That’s it. You must still add users with the adduser command and give them passwords with the passwd command for them to be able to login to your AMI.

* – In case you need to login as root you can do it with this… sudo su -

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