RUNIT and the ruby syntax error

Ive been working on writing my own cookbook to standup a fully ready to run ELK (Elasticsearch,Logstash,Kibana) server on CentOS. In doing this I have run into a few minor issues of compatibility here and there but nothing major. Once thing that I did find that was particularly troublesome was an error when I was trying to knife up a cookbook for “runit”. Its one of the dependancies for the chef-kibana cookbook and it relys on the “yum-epel” cookbook. I was able to knife up the yum-epel cookbook just fine but when I tried the runit cookbook I hot an error that said:

[seth@localhost cookbooks]$ knife cookbook upload runit yum-epel
Uploading runit [1.5.10]
FATAL: Cookbook file test/spec/libraries/provider_runit_service_spec.rb has a ruby syntax error:
FATAL: /home/seth/chef/chef-repo/.chef/../cookbooks/runit/test/spec/libraries/provider_runit_service_spec.rb:62: syntax error, unexpected '}', expecting tASSOC
FATAL: { provider.load_current_resource }.should raise_error
FATAL:                                                                          ^

My first mistake was installing and using RVM for Ruby management from way before I installed Chef. RVM is too big and robust and handles too many things to try and make it play nice and only worry about managing ruby for me. I uninstalled that and went with RBENV. This is the recommended manager of Ruby from Chef anyways. Once I got rbenv setup and installed I installed ruby 1.9.3p545. I tried again with the knife upload and I still got the same thing. I decided that maybe my version of Chef needed to be updated. I was on 11.2. I reinstalled Chef and tried the knife again. No luck. Same error…thanks for playing, try again.

Now I take to Google to see if this is something unique to me or have I found some bug somewhere. I came across this page and even though it was a year old it did help me out some. The fix came to me when I re-downloaded the runit cookbook from instead of using the cookbook I downloaded directly from Chef Community. For some reason the version was off by one iteration.

[seth@localhost cookbooks]$ knife cookbook upload runit
Uploading runit [1.5.11]
Uploaded 1 cookbook.

Success. Theres not really a better explanation as to what really was wrong here but I do feel it had more to do with the ruby installation than anything else. If you come across this and figure something out please feel free to leave a comment below.

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